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Skinimalism: Less is More

Skinimalism, Less is More

What is skinimalism?

Skinimalism, a wordplay on skin and minimalism, refers to the practice of simplifying one’s skincare routine. For instance, instead of having a 12 to 15-step routine, you would just have a 5 step routine. There’s no hard and fast rule on how many steps your routine should be but less is more in this case. Skinimalism is not to be mistaken as complacence or caring for our skin less, but should be recognised as an effort to strip redundancy from our skincare routine. It’s 2021 people – let’s listen to what our skin truly needs and address its concerns with effective and efficient products, instead of blindly following what others use. 

Why do people do it?

First and foremost, with a stripped down routine, you can save yourself a ton of money. If you are someone who practices a 15-step routine, that would be 15 different products and 15 price tags. So inevitably, when your products run low and you would need to repurchase them. Yikes, bet you felt a huge pinch at checkout. Well, instead of having to part with your hard earned money whenever you have empties, why don’t you invest in dual-action products instead? A pro tip is to lookout for ingredients that tackle your skin concerns. For example, vitamin C can not only hydrate but also protect your skin from free radicals – bang for buck! 

Needless to say, with fewer steps in your skincare routine, it's more convenient and easier to go through those steps in the morning and before bedtime. Commitment to your skin will no longer be an excuse because it’s just that simple. You will save yourself time everyday which you can use to prepare a heartier breakfast, or catch more Zs. 

Most importantly, you are not overwhelming your skin with an immense amount of products which could work against each other if you did not do your due diligence of researching compatible ingredients beforehand. By carefully curating a routine that works for you, you might dispel some skin problems (eg. those pesky bumps on your forehead) and achieve that glowy and clear skin you have always wanted. 

How can I practice it myself? 

Start off by observing your skin more closely, and prioritise its needs. To be honest, you only need the essentials namely cleansing, hydrating, treating and protecting. If you think your cleanser is not working out for you, switch it out for one that is suitable for your skin type and also addresses a particular skin concern. For instance, if you have combination skin and want to clear your acne, find a cleanser that is not overly stripping (so that your dry areas will not suffer), yet potent enough to rid your face of pimples. Same goes for the other steps too. Do some research, ask some friends for recommendations, and invest in a select few products to get the job done. 

We foresee that skinimalism is not just another fad, but in fact will be an enduring practice in the years to come. Afterall, it’s a practical, cost-saving and efficient way to pamper our skin – who could say no to that? Let us know in the comments if you’ve embarked on this journey of stripping down your routine. We would love to hear about your experience and trade secrets with you (if you are willing).

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