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SG Skincare Brands

SG Skincare Brands

Many of us are familiar with skincare brands from Korea like Innisfree and American ones like CereVe. But how about brands from the little red dot? Do you think you could list out 3 local skincare brands as easily? Fret not and read on! Here are three skincare brands from Singapore that you should definitely know about (read till the end for a surprise).

Two Halves

(Photo credit: Two Halves)

They say that family is where life begins and love never ends – this could not be more true for this Mother-daughter duo who joined forces and founded Two Halves. Jo Yong and Ashley Yong’s enthusiasm for skincare and beauty formed the strong foundation of the business. They believe that a skincare routine should be effective, restorative and enjoyable so that it can be integrated seamlessly despite our busy schedules.

Formulated exclusively in Japan-based laboratories, Two Halves’ products are vegan, clean and environmentally-friendly. This justifies the high price point for their humble product range which consists of the Better Balance Soothing Hydration Essence and Better Balance Nutrients Networking Water Cream.

#BetterBalance for Better Skin.

Allies of Skin

(Photo credit: Allies of Skin)

Allies of Skin founder, Nicolas Travis, lost interest in the corporate world and put his job behind to pursue his dream of starting his own skincare line. Combining his personal savings and financial aid from his siblings, he finally launched his first product in 2016 – the 1A All Day Mask – which saw SGD 700,000 sales within a year. Fast forward to 2021, Allies of Skin has expanded its range and established a strong online presence with over 85,000 followers on Instagram. 

The brand’s ethos is “supercharged clinical” where they use clinically proven actives such as Vitamin C and retinol, and put their own “supercharged ”spin on it. Not only is it PETA-certified as cruelty-free, but also promises that it’s formulation will repair and recharge your skin to its optimal state.

Derma Equation 

(Photo credit: Derma Equation)

Last but not least, the surprise you have been waiting for – an exclusive feature by yours truly (and by that we meant Formula Bright AKA Derma Equation co-founders). If you have not been keeping up with our social media, we recently announced that the people behind Formula Bright are the very same ones who have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to launch our own skincare line – Derma Equation. 

First came Formula Bright. The motivation behind it came from our own personal struggles and observations in the beauty industry. Choice overload has brought forth new challenges to consumers as they lack the knowledge to differentiate similar products from one another and more often than not, carelessly follow the “cult” and slather on products that aren’t actually suitable for their skin. The vision of the brand has always been to educate consumers and that will not change and Formula Bright will continue to shed light on various skincare topics while being stockists of skincare brands which we identify with.

So why our own skincare line? The drive to launch Derma Equation was partly because our data driven Formula Bright Skincare Assessment has identified similar skin concerns many people faced. Beyond this, it was also as much a culmination of the knowledge that we have amassed from immersing ourselves in the world of skincare for the past year. With our minimal yet effective range, we hope to inspire others to take care of their skin with the best ingredients possible.

If you read this article all the way, we saved the best news for last. From now until September 30 2021, we are giving away free Derma Equation sample kits to 50 lucky winners. To qualify for the giveaway, all you need to do is 1) Sign up here and 2) Follow Formula Bright and Derma Equation on social media.

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