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Say Goodbye to Blemishes! A’PIEU Mulberry Blemish Clearing Ampoule Review

As someone who struggles with combination skin (oily-dry), it has always been a challenge to find a suitable product to tackle the blemishes and occasional breakouts on my forehead. 

One of the latest additions to my skincare routine is the A’PIEU Mulberry Blemish Clearing Ampoule which promises to reveal a clearer complexion after 2 weeks of usage. Read on to find out my experience using this blemish-clearing ampoule. 


“A’PIEU” originates from the French words “First” and “basic”. This encapsulates the main concept of the brand – the go-to skincare and make-up brand for adolescents. It was founded in 2008 and is the daughter brand of Missha. A’PIEU prides itself in containing over 95% organic components for many of their products. Aside from being hypoallergenic, users can be confident that all A’PIEU products are paraben, genetically modified organisms (GMO), triclosan, benzophenone and mineral oil free. I wish I knew about A’PIEU products in my teenage years, which would have saved me from a lot of skin problems.

What Is It?

Ampoules are similar to serums, but contain higher concentration of active ingredients to target a specific skin concern – in this case, blemishes and dark spots. Despite its low volume of 30ml, it packs a punch as it is more potent than serums. This alcohol-free ampoule helps to reduce discolouration, brightens the complexion and delivers moisture to the skin. 


A’PIEU’s Mulberry Ampoule contains niacinamide, mountain mulberry complex 11%, mulberry root extract, tranexamic acid, glycerin and panthenol. Mulberries are known for their antioxidant properties used to promote blemish-free and supple complexion. Its acidic nature gives it skin lightening properties to reduce the appearance of scars and dark spots. Niacinamide helps to balance oil production and also contains anti-ageing properties, which is a useful ingredient when dealing with blemish-prone skin. 

Texture & Smell 

Similar to serums, ampoules are transparent with a watery-like texture. A skincare tip I always follow when layering my products is to start from the lighter ones before progressing to thicker ones. Due to its lightweight texture, I have been applying the ampoule before creams such as my moisturizer. It has a faint fruity scent (probably mulberry) which I personally do not mind but for people who do not like fragrances, this is something to take note of. 

How I use it 

After cleansing and toning my skin, I apply an appropriate amount of ampoule to my blemishes (mostly on my forehead). Upon applying it, I tend to pat the ampoule lightly into the skin until it's fully absorbed before moving on to the next product in my routine. To ease my purging process, I started off with a minimal amount of ampoule (almost like a spot treatment), especially since it's supercharged with active ingredients that will increase skin cell turnover rate. I also made sure to keep my skin moisturised throughout the day. Although I still experienced quite a bit of purging on my forehead after 3 days of usage, I continued to use it because it only meant that the active ingredients were working its magic. 


The only question on your mind now is probably “Did the ampoule deal with your blemishes and dark spots?” Yes and No. Before explaining any further, I want to preface that 2 weeks was not enough time for my blemishes to clear. My personal opinion is that products with active ingredients should avoid making promises to its user, such as resolving any skin problem (e.g. blemishes, hyperpigmentation, etc) in such a short time frame because it does not take into account skin purging. Unfortunately, for me, the ampoule did not deliver on its promise. While some of my dark spots have lightened over the 2 weeks of usage, I was still in the midst of purging; This made it hard for me to discern whether the ampoule was working well for me or not as I had blemishes appearing and disappearing the whole time. If you’re looking for a quick fix for your blemishes, this A’PIEU’s Mulberry Ampoule is not the solution for you. You might want to try exfoliants or products containing tea tree extract which have been proven to help with pimples and breakouts in general.

Will I continue to use it? I don’t see why not. I still want to give this ampoule a chance to clear my blemishes before dismissing it carelessly simply because I lack patience. I would only recommend this product to people who also have combination skin, as long as they do not have sensitive skin like mine as it could be another reason why I did not get the results I wanted.

We would love to hear your experience using the Mulberry ampoule by A’PIEU if you decided to purchase one from us. Do drop a comment below or slide into our social direct messages if you have any questions about this product.

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