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Let’s Get to the Root of This: How to Care for Your Hair & Scalp

Our hair is our crowning glory–literally a crown we never take off. To the best of our abilities, we try to maintain its shine and lusciousness with regular haircuts and a refreshed hair colour to match the season. Is there a better and consistent way we can care for our hair, not to mention our scalp? And our answer is yes, of course there is.

The best way is a simple and almost no-brainer one that we are all familiar with–choosing a good shampoo and conditioner. But you can’t just choose any shampoo and conditioner off the shelves though; you need to find ones that are suitable for your scalp because not all scalps were made the same. Just like our skin type, there are a few types of scalps namely oily, dry and sensitive.

For those with an oily scalp 
You probably realised earlier than others that your scalp needs more care and concern. If your hair tends to clump together and has a greasy finish, it’s likely that you have an oily scalp. Not to worry because there are plenty of shampoos and conditioners out there to deal with the excess sebum. You should look out for products that contain ingredients that can control oil production such as jojoba oil, which is known to moisturise your scalp whilst maintaining its natural balance. 


Our recommendation: Sukin Oil Balancing Shampoo

(Image credits to Sukin Naturals)

For those with a dry scalp  

On the opposite spectrum of oily scalps, if you experience flaking, itch and irritation from your scalp, you probably have a dry scalp. This also means that your hair is brittle and prone to breakage. There are a couple of ways to overcome this, such as choosing a hydrating shampoo and conditioner to strengthen your hair and provide nourishment to the scalp. When shopping for hair products, you should look out for those that contain shea butter and coconut extract, which are known to be effective in adding moisture to your hair and scalp. 

Our recommendation: Sukin Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner

(Image credits to Sukin Naturals)

For those with a sensitive scalp  

Do you often experience a tingling or burning sensation on your scalp? Is it tender to the touch and sometimes throbs? You probably have a sensitive scalp that could have been caused by harsh hair products or an unbalanced diet. Definitely stay away from shampoos that contain paraben, alcohol and other harsh ingredients. Sukin, an Australian born brand, strongly believes in natural ingredients that are both vegan and cruelty-free. Their products are 98.8% naturally derived, which proves their commitment to clean and sustainable ingredients for their consumers (hence we have been recommending their products).

Our recommendation: Sukin Sensitive Micellar Shampoo & Conditioner

(Image credits to Sukin Naturals)

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