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How to: Building a Skincare Routine

Building a skincare routine

Want to take better care of your skin but don’t know how to start? Follow this simple 3 step daily skincare routine for better and brighter skin.

“Your skin is your greatest asset.”

Other than being the largest organ in the human body, our skin serves as a protective barrier against the external environment and plays crucial roles in regulating body temperature, vitamin production and sensation. Having healthier and fresher skin not only makes you look good, but also provides an additional boost to your confidence! 

“Healthier skin, happier you!”

Building a simple skincare routine is the first step to achieving healthier skin and a happier you. With each individual’s skin being unique and different, it is important to identify your skin type in order to more accurately choose products that are suited to your skin in order to maximize its effectiveness. 

There are 3 main steps you can take to build a simple skincare routine:

  1. Cleansing- Washing 
  2. Moisturising- Hydrating
  3. Sunscreen- Protecting


Washing your face helps to remove dirt, excess oil, impurities or any build up over the course of the day or night. Regular cleansing boosts skin hydration and helps prevent the production of excess oils. It is essential to help your skin stay radiant and healthy. Proper cleansing will also prepare your skin to better absorb products that you apply, maximizing their effectiveness. However, it is important not to over-cleanse as it may strip away essential oils from your skin. Hence, we recommend to cleanse no more than twice a day. You should generally choose a cleanser that is gentle, fragrant and irritant free and that is suitable for your skin type. 


Moisturising helps to hydrate the skin and allows proper functioning of the skin’s protective barrier. Incorporating moisturisers in your routine reduces chances of breakouts and acnes and helps balance your skin’s complexion, allowing you to age youthfully.

Choose products containing emollients, occlusives and humectants or products that are generally cream cleansers/ moisturisers or cleansing milks/ lotions. Despite these ingredients being more effective in hydrating your skin and are suitable for dry skin, it’s about trying what suits best for your skin and seeing how it responds to different ingredients in order to find the most suitable one. 

Use mild, gel cleansers and alcohol-free toners on oily areas and hydrate dry areas with light serums and moisturisers


Wearing sunscreen protects the skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays, reducing risk of skin cancer and other issues caused by sun damage. You should not only be applying sunscreen when you are heading to the beach as sun exposure happens even when you are sitting by the window in the comforts of your home. Premature aging can be prevented if you are diligent in applying sunscreen, helping you to achieve younger, looking, radiant and healthier skin. So, make it a habit to slap on your sunscreen everyday!


Achieving healthy and radiant skin requires consistent effort. You may think that your skin is still young and looks unharmed, but skin degradation is a gradual process that will show its effects before you know it. Start with this simple skincare routine and make it a habit. Your future self will thank you for it.

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