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100% Natural Active Ingredients: Centella Face Cleansing Gel Review

I find it super satisfying to wash and cleanse my face every morning and night because it indicates the start and (hopefully) end of my day. Especially in Singapore where it’s summer all-year round, a sweaty person like me definitely cannot go a day without cleansing. Skipping the cleanser step is just asking for trouble, and my oily T-zone will break out like crazy. Anyway, I have a combination of oil-dry skin and here’s my honest review of Centella’s Face Cleansing Gel.


Centella is a French brand that prides itself on creating skincare products made from natural plant ingredients. A key ingredient present in most, if not all of their products is centella asiatica; results from medical tests have shown that centella brings forth numerous benefits to the skin, namely increased cell turnover rate, anti-aging and reduced redness.

In 2018, Centella’s Face Cleansing Gel won the Number One “Best Cleanser” award in Women’s Weekly. Aside from retaining healthy pH levels of the skin, the cleanser is suitable for those with sensitive skin and is organic certified. Due to the nature of the cleanser, the product life (Period After Opening/PAO) is only six months. In exchange for a longer lasting cleanser, you get a 100% natural active ingredients-filled one that promises to soften and hydrate your skin. 

Key Ingredients

The main ingredients of this cleanser are White Hibiscus Extract, Centella Asiatica Extract, Aloe Vera Juice. Hibiscus has been heralded as an anti-aging plant because it maintains elastin in the skin, which works with collagen to keep our skin youthful and plump. It also contains Vitamin C and antioxidants to protect the skin from premature ageing. 

On top of what was mentioned in the beginning, Centella Asiatica improves the skin’s vitality and is a sensitive-skin friendly ingredient. 

I was excited to see Aloe vera as one of the ingredients because it is my personal favourite. It can reduce redness, swelling and soreness of wounds, while moisturising the skin. This is another ingredient that is perfect for those with sensitive skin. I also love that aloe vera is easily absorbed into the skin. I would say based on the ingredients alone, this cleanser has impressed me. 

Texture & Smell

The cleanser is transparent, with a subtle yellow-tinted gel texture. It’s fragrance is comparable to medicine and herbs and I find its scent relatively strong compared to other cleansers I have tried. People with sensitive noses will not be thrilled with the smell, especially since it lingers for at least a minute before dissipating.


My experience using the cleanser has been pleasant. As someone with sensitive skin, I usually hesitate to try a new skincare product because I worry about how my skin will react. However with the Centella Face Cleansing Gel, I am happy that it did not cause any irritation, and instead made my skin softer than before. 

Even though the cleanser is quite pricey, the combination of hibiscus, centella and aloe vera in the cleanser works well together and I am satisfied with the results. If you are interested in an all-natural cleanser, this cleanser is one you should definitely try.

Where To Purchase: Available on Formula Bright HERE

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