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Bright Times

100% Natural Active Ingredients: Centella Face Cleansing Gel Review
I find it super satisfying to wash and cleanse my face every morning and night because it indicates the start and (hopefully) end of my day. Espec...
How to Make Your Sheet Masks More Effective
What’s one thing we all have and can never have too much of? Sheet masks! These gooey and burglar-looking masks are great pick-me-ups for your well-being and skin. Whether you use one daily or weekly, here’s some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your sheet masks. 
Let’s Get to the Root of This: How to Care for Your Hair & Scalp
We maintain our hair's shine and lusciousness with regular haircuts and a refreshed hair colour to match the season. Is there a better and consistent way we can care for our hair, not to mention our scalp?
How to Read Skincare Product Labels
Have you ever picked up a moisturiser in Sephora, looked at the product label, and had absolutely no idea whether it was good for you? It is important to determine whether you should make a purchase or not...
Skinimalism: Less is More
Skinimalism, a wordplay on skin and minimalism, refers to the practice of simplifying one’s skincare routine. For instance, instead of having a 12 to 15-step routine, you would just have a 5 step routine. Skinimalism is...
Say Goodbye to Blemishes! A’PIEU Mulberry Blemish Clearing Ampoule Review

It's challenging to find a suitable product to tackle blemishes & occasional breakouts. Could a blemish-clearing ampoule be the solution? Read on to find out!

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